Never Give Up... Keep Living the Dream

Kenora’s Jay Barnard Shares Life...

The Salvation Army in Thunder Bay is developing a new strategic vision with programs designed to help people like...

From the Bottom to the Top

Chef Recovery Jay Barnard shares his story with Kenora Rotarian.

Pioneering – TEDxFortMcMurray

Living the Dream & Never Giving Up

How does a man find salvation from himself, from his childhood? How does that man reinvent himself and use the world of food to guide his path forward? This is the story of Jay Barnard: Chef Recovery.

Sitting with Sallie

Sallie sits down with Jay Barnard who talks about a long journey of recovery from drugs and alcohol to become a trained chef with big goals. Jay has recently won a Kenora Chamber of Commerce award.

In Your Neighbourhood – Part 1

Jay Barnard a.k.a Chef Recovery shares his story of Addiction Recovery

One Man Tells His Story...

Overcoming addiction wasn’t easy for Jay. After treatment at The Salvation Army he lived in sober living for 14...

In Your Neighbourhood Part 3

The recipes are very simple and are not complicated, which is how I have to manage my life. If things get too complicated then my life becomes unmanageable.
Jay Barnard